Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Poodle Party Invites with Create A Critter!


  1. Hi .. Your card.. or invitation :) . turned out really cute ! ... I like the colors you chose.. I hope the rest of the decorations go easy for . oh and the poodle history.. I havent met anyone who knows that ! lol so it was nice to hear..:) I have told people that before and their like... poodles ? hunting dogs ? and then they laugh.. lol.... anyways.. great job ! byeee

  2. Hi Krystal! Thanks :) Same here about poodles, lol. No one believes me!!! Poodles are so intelligent and very few people realize that. Thanks so much for the comment. Hope ya'll are doing well. TTYL

  3. Very Cute!!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hey girlie.. how are you ?? Havent seen any new posts from you in a while... just wanted to say hi :) i hope all is well.... Take care !
    Nothin but Love
    Krystal Night