Thursday, October 21, 2010

Scrappin' a Card For My Sister

Hi everyone.  I made a card for my big sis.  I used K&Co paper.  For the flowers, I had some roses from the craft store (from the floral section, I got a whole bunch for 2 bucks at Joanns).  I ripped them apart and relayered them using hot glue.  I then added some bling in the center.  This card is very simple, using very few products, but I like the way it turned out. I posted a pic of a card I made the same way with the same papers, but here's how I did it.  Sorry about the poor editing, I did this at one in the morning, was having technical issues, and decided to just upload it as is.  Also, the end got cut off somehow so you don't get to see me finish the inside.  I had uploaded the vid to a Mac, my little sis accidentally deleted the vid off my Vado HD, we only have imovie 08 on the Mac (it can't speed videos up and this would have been a 48 min video without speeding it up), I couldn't get the video over to my PC properly was very frustrating :)  Oh well, enjoy, and thanks for watching.  Don't forget to sub to my Youtube,


  1. A gorgeous card Stephanie! That heat gun isn't kind to small objects... LOL!! blowing those pieces all over the table. I love how you're looked after too by one of your children with some yumminess... so sweet.

    take care sweetie - have a gorgeous day filled with creativity & inspiration


  2. Hi Darlene. Thank you thank you. I could not find my tweezers!!

    That was my son, Landen. He loves to scrap, too :)