Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Member of Cafemom?

If your a member of Cafemom and love to scrapbook, join my ATC group.  It's called Three P's in a Pod.  It's the Three P's for me and my two sisters, we are the three Perkins girls, even though two of us are married and have changed our last names.  My older sis is still a P though, Parsons.  My older sister loooves to scrapbook like me, and my lil sis is just getting into it, and I think if she has kids she'll be just as hard core as me and big sis.  Anyway, at Three P's in a Pod, we trade artist trading cards (ATC's) every month.  I'll throw in some mini albums and greeting cards as well.  I like ATC's because they are small and it's easy to do a bunch.  You get to explore different techniques, use up some of that old scrap paper, and see what other artists are doing.  You get inspiration and learn new techniques by being able to hold another scrappers piece of work in your hand.  It keeps you up to date and gets you into your scrap room since you have to meet a deadline.  I've gotten more layouts done since I started this because I'm already at my table with all my tools out, I might as well work on the many albums I need to catch up on :)  Come join the fun at .  Hope to see you there.

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